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Evaluating Ultrasonic Scans Utility Program

This application was designed as requested by a physician as part of her dissertation.
Its purpose is to determine the amount of specific colors in an ultrasonic scan as accurate as possible.

The program was developed and tested under Windows XP, but should run under all recent Windows versions that have the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed.


Brief Overview

The following two screenshots are showing the program in its basic state after opening a picture and after evaluating a picture with default settings.


Fig 1: after opening an ultrasonic scan
Ultrasonic Scan Evaluiation - Fig 1
Fig 2: after counting with default settings
Ultrasonic Scan Evaluiation - Fig 2


Areas that have been considered are marked so they are easily recognized by the user. For that, the counted pixels are highlighted in the scan. Alternatively there is a red/black-view were the counted pixels are marked on neutral background.


Fig 3: highlighting of considered areas
Ultrasonic Scan Evaluiation - Fig 3
Fig 4: marking on neutral background
Ultrasonic Scan Evaluiation - Fig 4


The area for which pixels are supposed to be evaluated can be bounded by selection frames.
For it is mostly neccessary to evaluate areas of the same size, there are some predefined frames.
However the size can be defined by the user to any size.

The threshold value for the red fraction of the pixels to be counted as well as the consideration of mixed colors (e.g. purple) can be customized by the user.

The counting results can be displayed on the image that can be saved for later use. The user can also leave a comment which is saved as well.


Fig 5: userdefined frame
Ultrasonic Scan Evaluiation - Fig 5
Bild 6: userdefined frame
Ultrasonic Scan Evaluiation - Fig 6


last update: Jan 15. 2010