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Visualization of Sorting Algorithms

I programmed this application while attending the lecture 'Datastructures and Algorithms' at the university of Aachen in 2005.
The numbers from 1 to 300 are displayed as dots in a square. They are moved to their designated places according to the specific sorting algorithm.
Fig 1: basic state of the program

Fig 1: basic state of the program


Assume the square is a coordinate system where the values are on the x-axis and their list places are on the y-axis, i.e. if the values are sorted the dots are connected to the diagonal from the bottom left to the top right corner.
Fig 2: bubble sort

Fig 2: Bubble Sort


This is a state near the end of a merge sort run. It's easy to recognize that merge sort uses the devide and conquer paradigm.
Fig 3: merge sort

Fig 3: Merge Sort


As final example a state of a heap sort run after the heap has been constructed.
Fig 4: heap sort

Fig 4: heap sort

last update: Jan 15. 2010