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Communication Interface between PC and Siemens S7

In that project the customer was controlling a production line with a Siemens S7.
That S7 was supposed to be able to receive commands from a PC.
The communication was encapsulated in a shared library that was used by the application of the customer.

Here is a test application that checked the library for its functionality.
These were:

  • Open a remote connection to a SQL server
    • select a table
    • select a dataset
  • send the dataset to the S7
  • receive a feedback code from the S7

Fig 1: connection settings



Fig 2: select a dataset after connection to a SQL server

Auswahl eines Datensatze


Fig 3+4: receiving feedback from the S7 (positive und negative)

Rückmeldung positiv Rückmeldung negativ


last update: Jan 15. 2010